Marketing & Advertising in 2017

Marketing & Advertising in 2017

Today’s world is full of dynamic changes, in a way that reflects on global economies and consequently businesses.

Corporates are duly affected by these changes and struggle to adapt with the continues change of consumer behavior.

Marketing departments are either to be blamed for the shaky performance, or the other way around to be applauded for creating significant solutions.

Visibility is one aspect of marketing that will never change regardless of the year or circumstances.

Thanks to the digital era that opened newer windows of opportunities for both sales and marketing. But even marketing before and after the digital transformation revolves around how customers see your business.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have some insightful ideas about what to expect for marketing & advertising trends in 2017.

1- Priorities

No doubt the current economical meltdowns in the middle east are reflecting on every individual’s life styles, with the enormous inflations here and there; that doesn’t come with a considerable raise in income levels, consumers are now-a-days reconsidering their purchase and financial priorities. The consumer behavior will radically change to fit for essentials and best value for money.

Luxury categories of products and services are expected to experience a hard time this year, unless companies are flexible to reconsider their offering strategies. The trade markets will witness a complete reformation in terms of both supply and demand.

Companies are advised to look at expanding their promotional calendars, probably minimize the stock levels of luxury products and focus on the fast-moving categories.  

2 - Increased focus on customer experience

Customer experience is the backbone of marketing for each and every corporate. While it has always been a marketing focus, today’s businesses should embrace ‘customer centric philosophies’ to create effective marketing strategies.

Today’s customers are no longer depending on the advertising materials they come across, but they depend more on product reviews and experiences. Hence; the marketing influence should not end by delivering the marketing communications but to include a complete cycle of customer experience.

3- Retention Strategies

For years, the new customer acquisition held a center stage for most companies as the primary driver of corporate growth. However, for the last few years the winds have started to shift. Smart companies are realizing that retaining and growing existing customers can provide a successful corporate longevity and maximum value.

If your company culture is dominated by new customer acquisition approaches only  and your budget is focused on new business strategies, this is the year to evaluate and move customer success, recurring revenue strategies, customer retention to the main focus.

4- Personalization

As brands work to individualize everything from Pepsi cans to apparels, mass customization has transitioned into personalization. Digital is playing a crucial role of helping brands becoming more personalized.

5- Increased diversion from traditional to digital

With the rapid growth of internet usage and accessibility, in which has changed the consumer behavior toward classic media such as TV & press. In addition to the budget efficiency of digital media. It creates more of a win-win scenario for both corporates and individuals. Where consumers are becoming more reachable with a higher relevancy and more measurable acquisitions.

With the ongoing economy changes, digital is expected to have a bigger role in 2017.

6- More social media marketing

Social media strategies should market less and sell more. Often, brands use social media to blast highly generic content, content that people are ignoring.

Social media content should be personalized too; corporates should use social media for the frontline marketing of sales driven propositions. Use it to engage with consumers, not to blast messages.

7- Buying Moment’s

It is the dream of every single marketer, of how to reach their target consumers at the moment of taking their buying decision.

Right-time marketing instead of real-time marketing. Real-time marketing has been hot the last few years. As now we should use data to isolate and experience the best moment to connect with consumers, real-time should switch to right-time.

8- Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will become more and more popular. People already like listening to the recommendation of someone they trust, as mentioned above that customer experience is becoming a must and that customers are digging for product reviews, influencer marketing plays an extremely important role in this regard.

9- Visual Content Will Become Crucial

The growing demand for visual media will rock. Proven by the power that Facebook and YouTube ‘Live’ feature hold, The 360° videos and photos are also offering a unique opprtunity for coroprates to demonstrate their activities in a more relastic mood, in a way that creates a higher interaction with their audience. 

A combination of live and staged videos will be used by brands that are embracing the inevitable change from written to visual media.

Visual content is arguably one of the most time-consuming types of content creation.  Thanks to improvements in technology, creating branded videos and images isn’t as difficult as it once was. Through a combination of social apps like Snapchat, and broadcasting sites Facebook & YouTube, your business can start building a visual content strategy that won’t stretch your budget.

10 – Go Native

ADS ARE ANNOYING! it is a fundamental fact that companies need to recognize and take into consideration in the coming year(s).

With a continual increase in advertising, consumers are finding new ways to escape the onslaught of ads. But that doesn’t mean you should stop advertising. It merely means you need to broaden your advertising strategy. Consider adding more native, sponsored or editorial-based advertising.

‘Native Advertising’ is a form of paid promotion, it is about producing marketing material that fits seamlessly into what the consumer is doing or viewing.

People love stories, Successful brands are more profiled into a 'Story Telling' mood, where they leverge the communication balance with commercial offerings.

What do you expect for 2017?

I would love to hear your marketing trends prediction for this year.

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